The best tubes you will ever own, quality American made, not imported junk. Each tube is hand dipped twice for bulk, appearance and durability. This is a 4" tube not a smaller cheaper 3" inch that most companies sell. We load these tubes with salt and assure the tails are cut correctly. Each tube is also imbedded with Venom's Grab, the best attractant available.

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Venom Lures: 4" Salt Series Tubes

4 inch

8 / $5.31
50 / $22.94

Light Watermelon Seed
Watermelon Gold Glitter
Watermelon Green Glitter
Smokey Melon
Green Mustard
Green Pumpkin
Pumpkinseed Green-G
Smoke Silver-G
Smoke Black-G
Smoke Silver-Black-Gold-G
Pearl Silver-G
Broom Sand
Cream Green-G
Salt and Pepper
Light Plum
Smokey Cracker
Smoke Blue-G
Smoke Green-G
Cream Red
Pumpkin Blue-G
Chartreuse SIV, Green-G
Smokey Purple
Watermelon Red-G
Smokey Hologram
Minnow Flash
Watermelon Copper/G
Lime Gold-G
Sandy Candy
Black Blue-G
Baby Bass
Watermelon Seed Purple-G
Watermelon White-G
Green Pumpkin White-G
Smoke White-G
Green Pumpkin Copper/G
Smoke Copper/G
Green Pumpkin Gold/G
Purple Passion
Road Kill
Pumpkin Shiner
Old Ugly
Old Ugly With Attitude
Green Pumpkin/Red-G
Green Pumpkin/Purple Tail/Purple-G
Black/Blue Tail/Blue-G
Light Green Pumpkin
Black Red Glitter
Green Pumpkin Candy
Green Pumpkin- blk- gold- green-g
I'm not a competition angler seeking sponsorship or asking for a donation to charity of any sort. I would just like a moment of your time to give thanks to Venom Lures Co. I'm an avid bass angler. I focus on Aep. Recreational grounds in the Cumberland Ohio area,primarily during the cooler months of the year.
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