(Flippin' Tube) Venom's Flippin Tube is the serious bass bait. Especially great for heavy cover from Florida to Canada. Smallmouth eat this bad boy up. If your looking to catch the big ones try these. Made in the USA not imported crap. The bait is double dipped for durability and bulk, loaded with salt and grab enhanced.

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Venom Lures: 5" Venom Double Dipped - Flippin' Tube

5 inch

6 / $5.31
50 / $31.47

Black, Blue Tail
Green Pumpkin, Chart. TI
Green Pumpkin Gold, Black Glitter
Green Pumpkin Cooper, Black Tail
Green Pumpkin Purple Glitter
Road Kill, Blue Tail
Warermelon, Chart. Tail
Watermelon Purple Glitter
Green Pumpkin, Purple Tail, Purple Glitter
Watermelon Gold
Smokey Melon
Green Mustard
Green Pumpkin
Smokey Cracker
Black Red Glitter
Watermelon Red Glitter
Smoky Hologram
Black Blue Glitter
Green Pumpkin Red-g