More action than curly tail lizards. Our tail continues to move even after the bait has stopped. Hand cut tails!!! This lizard will out fish any lizard period.

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Venom Lures: 

Carolina Trigger Liz

6 inch

50 / $12.95

Green Pumpkin Chartreuse Tail
Mud Puppy
Watermelon Chartreuse Tail
Pumpkinseed Blue Glitter
Pumpkinseed Gold Glitter
Blue Gill
Cotton Candy
Black Blue Glitter
Smoky Salt and Pepper
Chartreuse Pepper
Black Shad
Red Shad
Watermelon Seed
June Bug
Pumpkin Orange Belly
Black Chartreuse Belly
Pumpkin Chartreuse Tail
Black Blue Belly
Black Neon
Pumpkin Chartreuse belly
Green Pumpkin
Carolina Pumpkin