Same as the original but featuring a completely new listing of fish catchin colors. Still hand cut and loaded with salt and trigger scents. 

Vemon Lures:  New Do's

4 inch

10 / $4.98
50 / $21.64

Watermelon Copper Glitter
Minnow Flash
Smoky Hologram
Watermelonseed Red Glitter
Smoky Purple
Blackred Glitter
Chartreuse Silver Green Glitter
Pumpkin Blue Glitter
Cream Red Glitter
Smoke Blue Glitter
Smoky Cracker
Light Plum
Salt and Pepper
Cream Green Glitter
Broom Sand
Pearl Silver Glitter
Smoke, Sliver, Black, Gold Glitter
Smoke Black Glitter
Smoke Silver Glitter
Pumpkinseed Green Glitter
Green Pumpkin
Green Mustard
Smoky Melon
Watermelonseed Green Glitter
Watermelonseed Gold Glitter
Light Watermelonseed