Venom's Salty Slings are the preferred choice over any other brand. Venom uses a larger grain salt keeping the bait soft but making it allot more tear resistant. Combine that with our special scent and you have one of the most productive baits ever to hit the fisherman.

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Venom Lures:  Salty Sling

3, 4, 5 inch

8 / $5.31
50 / $22.94

Watermelon Gold Glitter
Green Pumpkin
Pearl Silver Glitter
June Bug
Smoke Black
Smokey Purple
Chartreuse Pepper
Black/Blue Glitter
Black/Red Glitter
Watermelon Red Glitter
Gold Mist
Rootbeer Green
Minnow Flash
Baby Bass
Green Pumpkin Copper
clear red & blk g
tomato seed
green pumpkin candy
watermelon candy
watermelon red & green-g
Venom's Sling worm caught this 9.8lb giant