Venom Sweet Dreams are far preferred over similar style beaver baits. Not only are they salt injected but they are softer and the body is thinner allowing allot better hook ups. Try a pack and you will be hooked too.

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Venom Lures: 

Sweet Dreams

3.25 inch, 4.25 inch

8 / $5.31
50 / $22.94

Watermelon Seed
Pearl Silver Glitter
Watermelon Gold Glitter
Watermelon Candy
Green Pumpkin
Green Pumpkin Red Glitter
Green Pumpkin Candy
Minnow Flash
Black Red Glitter
Black Blue Glitter
Watermelon Red Glitter
Green Pumpkin Copper –Glitter
Chartreuse Pumpkin
Green Pumpkin Mustard
Watermelonseed Mustard
Black Blue Shad