A great Bass Lure that's an absolute hoot to fish. It's a hand poured fishing lure that is full of salt and Venom's special scent grab. The 6 lures also come with a special weedless hook to fish it Wackee Style. Hook the bait in the center and add a Venom Worm weight for fishing in deeper water.

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Venom Lures:  Too Wackee Craw

6 inch

6+1 / $5.31
25 / $22.94

Blue Green Glitter with Blue Claws
Black, Red Glitter with Red Pepper Claws
Pumpkin with Chartreuse Pepper Claws
Green Pumpkin Chartreuse Pepper Claws
Green Pumpkin Copper with Orange Pepper Claws
Watermelon with Chartreuse Claws
Watermelon Red Glitter with Chartreuse Claws
Green Pumpkin
Bubble Gum