hammer fishing lure
In-Line Hammer Toad
frog style fishing lure
Bully Buzzer
black and gold skirt with metal blade fishing bait
Tru-Gold Series Buzzbaits
turtle back lure
Double Turtle Back
Hidden Head Spinner Bait
glimmer back lure
Glimmer Series
Hidden Weight Spinner Bait
venzilla rig worm
Venzilla Rig
white and yellow shirt with metal blade fishing lure
Trac-Rite Buzz Baits
skirt fishing ig with metal blade
Shak'N Swim Jig
metal blade fishing lure with hook
SlingBlade Series
metal blade fishing lure
Rattle Shake
pink and white blade style fishing bait
Vibra-Max Blade Bait
white spinner fishing lure
Mammie Hammer
eye shaker lure
Eye Shaker
orange spinner bait with 2 metal blades
Deep Eye Spinner Bait